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Declarations of Resistance

2 – Never Wrestle with a Pig

WYSW Hosts November 6, 2019

This week you will be meeting the fabulous WomenattheCentre team! We start by checking in with our mental noise – much of which surrounded school and work, our gratitude for Shirley’s amazing court prep website, our successes which involved having some amazing conversations about consent, and our inspiration for the […]

Declarations of Resistance

1 – Safety First, Fun Afterwards

WYSW Hosts October 23, 2019

In this week’s episode of What’s Your Safe Word? Declarations of Resistance, your hosts Nneka MacGregor and Shelleena Hackett will introduce this brand new, bi-weekly podcast! They share the origin story of WomenatthecentrE and check-in with their success, gratitude, and mental noise. They’re joined by producer, Amanda Hollahan, to chat […]