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Declarations of Resistance

20 – Don’t Let Anyone Dictate Your Own Life w/ SHELLEENA, CHRIS, and MATTHEW

WYSW Hosts April 29, 2020


This week we are so excited to welcome back Shelleena (@Shelleena), Chris, and Matthew (AKA Tucker, @matteldracher) to continue our discussion surrounding polyamory. While last week we chatted about their relationship history and how they began their journey into polyamory, this week we take a deep dive into what their relationship looks like now. As always, Nneka and Shelleena lead us in a check-in where they both share some upsetting mental noise, as well as their successes and gratitudes for the week. Then Nneka jumps right back into our conversation with Chris, Matthew, and Shelleena to chat about the ins and outs of making a relationship with three people work.

This week we’re drinking Funf 5 Riesling Rhein and Henry Of Pelham Riesling VQA. We gave these wines a buzz rating of 4.2/5 and 4/5 respectively.

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