Declarations of Resistance

13 – Watch the Movie, Do the Work

WYSW Hosts February 19, 2020


On this week’s episode, Shelleena and Nneka lead a discussion surrounding the new Netflix film, “American Son”. Nicole, Karia, and Amanda join our hosts to break down and examine this incredibly impactful movie, that was based on a Broadway play of the same name. As always with our media episodes, there will be spoilers as we discuss the entirety of the plot. The team talks through some of the most heartbreaking, violent, and intense scenes, and offers our critical analyses and perspectives.  Nneka and Shelleena also lead us in a check-in to start, and we finish with our team buzz rating and a check-out discussing some self-care strategies.

**TW**Due to the nature of the content discussed during this episode, we would also like to offer a trigger warning as our conversations involve emotional, heavy discussions surrounding police brutality and anti-Black racism. Please only listen if you feel you have the capacity to do so and if while listening you feel you need help, please reach out to your local support networks.

This week we’re drinking Cave Spring Riesling VQA. We gave this wine a buzz rating of 3.65/5.

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Amazing intro music by: @2nightofficial1

Disclaimer: We are having some issues with our audio during certain points. We are a grassroots organization and trying our best to use the best audio equipment we can, without causing any of our team members any financial hardship. As always, we think these discussions are important and need to be heard, but if you’re concerned about the audio, now would be a great time to donate to our Patreon (

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